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As soon as people get off this bike, the first thing they want to do is get back on.

Cross Country
Cross country doesn’t get any more fun than this. Flatten out the hills, power out of corners and turn bumps into jumps while bringing your heart rate over and above what you normally would. Instead of pacing yourself from the beginning of a ride, you now have the luxury of short bursts at maximum output as you can increase the duration of recovery times while maintaining adrenaline pumping speeds.

Cross Training
Staying fit and honing your skills certainly doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether used for low impact injury recovery or high speed, high energy workouts, the Stealth Bomber and Stealth Fighter can take you to places that your motorcycle simply isn’t allowed to go, take too much effort to get to on a mountain bike or simply take too long to get to by foot.

Long travel suspension, 6 or 8 pot hydraulic disc brakes and heavy duty wheel sets allow both the Bomber and Fighter to take on intermediate downhill trails with ease. The extraordinary level of torque available by combining the pedal power and electromotive force eliminates the need for a shuttle vehicle. This allows you to power back to the top of the hill several times to start your next run again.

Work Applications
Zero emissions and a stealthy presence make both the Stealth Bomber and Stealth Fighter ideal for a range of work applications including police, military, medics, pit vehicles, site management, event management and crowd control.

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