New Road and Triathlon Bikes

2016 De Rosa Planet all carbon classic Italian 56 cm all carbon black/white was $4450.00 now $3560.00. 2016 Specialized Venge Elite 54cm Carbon/Charcoal All Carbon flat bladed bars, frame, and fork, wind tunnel tested was $3279.00 now $2787.00. 2016 Felt IA14 54cm...

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New BMX Bikes

2016 Radio Saiko Blue 20.75″ TT was $530.00 now $499.00. 2016 Radio Dice Blue 20.0″ TT was $465.00 now $399.00. 2016 Radio Darko Neon 1 Yellow and 1 Black 21″ TT was $570.00 now $519.00. 2016 Sunday Blueprint Black/blue 20″...

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Consolvo Bikes is dedicated to getting you on the bike that you want! We have been in business 18 years now with an excellent record of service for all of your biking needs. To do this we carry the...

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