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March 1, 2018

Well Easter is just 1 month away on April 1st, so do you have your child's bike picked out yet? Here are some helpful hints in picking out the correct size bike for your son or daughter.  Balance or run bikes have no pedals and the child age 2-4 simply sits on the seat and pushes forward with his or her feet.  The following are wheel sizes for children's bikes: 12 1/2 ", 14", 16", 18", 20", and 24" wheels.  If they are 10 and up depending upon their height or leg length they may require an adult size bike in either a 26" or a 650 B/271/2 " wheel size.  

The Adult bikes are sold by frame sizes: 12 1/2", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 20", 21", 22", and 23".  You measure the size of the frame from the top of the seat tube to the middle of the bottom bracket where the pedals go around.  

Hope this helps and of course it is best to bring your child in to see what size fits him or her best.  The child should be able to tip toe touch the floor when sitting on the seat and their knee should be slightly bent when the ball of the foot is on the pedal in the down position.



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Used Bikes and Accessories:

All of our used bikes have been tuned up and checked over for safety issues and you have a 30 Day warranty on any used bike that you buy from us.

Updated March 21, 2018


Used 2016 Felt F4 54cm Silver Rented Once was $2699.00 now $2300.00.

Used 2010 Louis Garneau Axis 2.0 56cm Blk/Red was $1100.00 now $799.00.

Used Louis Garneau Axis 47 cm Black/Brown was $899.00 now $699.00.

Used Specialized Allez Elite 58cm White/Red $800.00.



Used Louis Garneau Horizon XL 22" with 700c wheels Smoke Blue $299.00.

Used Norco Rideau 18" with 700c wheels Silver $250.00.

Used Kuwahara X.05 Medium Purple/Black with 700c wheels $275.00

Used Specialized Crossroads Sport Navy Blue Large with 700c wheels was $599.00 now $425.00.

Used Norco Carrera Comfort Mtn. Bike 20" with 26" wheels Silver $375.00.


Used CCM Static 24 Aluminum 21 speed Full Suspension 24" wheel Green/Blue $125.00.

Used Fuji Blaster DX Full Suspension 24" wheel Blue $200.00.

Used Trek 220 24" wheel Blue/Silver $199.00.

Used Norco Jasmine 20" wheel Girl's Mtb Teal $150.00.

ADULT MOUNTAIN BIKES 29ers and 650B's or 27 1/2" or 26" wheels

Used 2017 Minelli Mondial with 650B wheels Orange 18" & 16" rental was $750.00 now $699.00.

Used 2016 KHS Winslow 29er Large Red rental was $659.00 now $599.00.

Used Oryx Hurricane 250 Full Suspension 18" Blue with 26" wheels $600.00.

Used Rocky Mountain Cardiac 14" Black with 26" wheels $225.00.

Used Norco Sidewinder Full Suspension M/L Blue/Red with 26" wheels was $499.00 now $350.00.

Used Norco Chaos Full Suspension 16.5" Royal Blue with 26" wheels $400.00.

Used Norco Mountaineer Navy Blue 18.5" with front disc brake 26" wheels $400.00.

Used Norco Mountaineer Black with front disc brake with 26" wheels $200.00.

Used Ladies Specialized Jynx Large Grey/Pink with 650B wheels $550.00.

Used Trek Alpha 4500 16" Yellow/Black with 26" wheels $250.00.

Used Kona Kula 17.5" Turquoise with 26" wheels $300.00.