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 April 1, 2017

Well We've all seen that guy. He's been to every spin class, claimed all the KOMs on Zwift, And emptied GNC of all supplements. He's kitted in the latest high end spring riding gear and ready to conquer the world. That's when it all comes apart in a howl of dry bearings and a chain rusty enough to need it's own booster shot. Prepping your body and not your bike for a seasons riding is a mistake all too many have made. A spring tune up to freshen bearings, true wheels, and tune a drive train will do wonders for the ride and the soul. Just make sure you get in early and beat the rush! Get you bike tuned up before the trouble starts.

Rant by Andrew Putt



































Updated on April 12, 2017


2017 Minelli Grind Grey 18" and 16" regular low price of $899.00 Wow!

2016 Felt Double Double 70 Large Charcoal/ Red was $1699.00 rented once now $1649.00.

2016 Specialized Fatboy Comp with carbon front fork Med. Orange was $3389.00 now $2880.00.

2015 Specialized Fatboy Boy's 24" wheel Black/red was $1449.00 now $1300.00.

Hardtail 29ers:

2012 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp 29er 23" XXL Black/Yellow was $2049.00 now $1599.00. 

Full Suspension 29ers:

Full Suspension 650B or 27 1/2 ":


Full Suspension 26" wheels:

2012 Specialized Ladies Myka FSR Comp Large Dark Red/White was $1699.00 beautiful full suspension now $1499.00.

2011 Norco Range 3 XS Black/Blue was $2545.00 now $1780.00.

2009 Haro Shift R1 16" silver was $1005.00 now $765.00.


Dirt Jump Bikes 26" wheels:

2015 Specialized P Street 2 Med Red/Black was $809.00 now $725.00.


XC Hardtail and Adventure Bikes 26" wheels:

2016 Minelli Tornado various sizes Black and Orange only $399.00.

2014 Specialized Hardrock Disc XL Red was $619.00 now $580.00 rental available to buy.


2012 Norco Wolverine 22" Red was $779.00 now $699.00.

2011 Norco Mountaineer 22" Navy Blue was $475.00 now $399.00.


2010 Norco Mountaineer 20"  Royal Blue was $449.00 now $389.00.

2010 Norco Scorcher 22" Orange was $349.00 now $299.00.


2009 Haro Flightline Comp 16" and 18" Fools Gold was $920.00 now $749.00.