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September 6, 2017

This is the season for lights as the days get shorter.  We probably have the biggest light display in all of southern New Brunswick.  The lights are bright enough that you can run them day or night.  With the days getting darker, every bike should have a blinking red light on the rear for others to be aware to pass at a safe distance. Also many lights are USB rechargeable now so you don't have to buy batteries.  If you need a front light to be seen by motorists some of the lights come in sets of 2 for front and back. Also if you need to see in the woods get a more powerful front light. Have fun and be seen!

Rant by Bill and Becky Consolvo










































New Cyclocross Bikes:

Updated June 2, 2017

2016 Specialized Crux E5 54cm Silver was $1879.00 now $1499.00.

2016 Specialized Crux E5 X1 56cm Silver Anodized was $2869.00 now $2299.00.

2016 Specialized Crux E5 Sport 54cm Red was $2389.00 now $1899.00.


2015 Specialized Crux Sport Evo 52cm Black/White was $2299.00 now $1839.00.