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May 7, 2017

Well road rides have started and the streets have had plenty of rain to wash off the sand and salt, so make sure you pump up your tires with a good floor pump so you don't get a pinch flat when you hit a pothole.  Call the bike shop to see when and where the group rides are leaving from.  Remember to ride single file on the right hand side of the road and wear visible clothing and lights so drivers can see you.  Yeah the 1 metre law has been passed in New Brunswick, so motorists should allow some more room when they pass you.  Hopefully most are educated on this safety point by now.

Rant by Becky Consolvo





























BMX Bikes

Last updated April 24, 2017


2016 Radio Saiko Blue 20.75" TT was $530.00 now $499.00.

2016 Radio Saiko Black 20.75 " TT was $530.00 now $499.00.

2016 Radio Darko Neon Yellow 21" TT was $570.00 now $519.00.


2015 We The People Arcade Raw 20.5" TT was $564.00 now $499.00.

2015 Radio Saiko Orange/Black 20" TT was $475.00 now $425.00.

2015 Verde Eon Silver 20" TT was $539.00 now $450.00.

2010 Fit Tech 2.5 Silver was $699.00 now $599.00.