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Parkway Mall, 212 McAllister Drive, Unit 130A, Saint John

Phone: 640-0777


September 1, 2018 

Enjoy your day off for Labor Day.

Clearance sale 25% off regular price on all merchandise in stock.

School is about to start but the weather is still really nice. Enjoy your bikes for another few months and then check out the fat bikes on sale for winter riding.

Get your skates sharpened for hockey season.

We really appreciate your business.


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BMX Bikes

Last updated Aug. 20, 2018  

2016 Radio Saiko Blue 20.75" TT was $530.00 now $499.00.

2016 Radio Dice Blue 20.0" TT was $465.00 now $399.00.

2016 Radio Darko Neon 1 Yellow and 1 Black 21" TT was $570.00 now $519.00.

2016 Sunday Blueprint Black/blue 20" TT was $549.00 now $499.00. 

2015 We The People Arcade Raw 20.5" TT was $564.00 now $499.00.

2015 Verde Eon Metallic Silver 20" TT was $539.00 now $489.00.