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Parkway Mall, 212 McAllister Drive, Unit 130A, Saint John, NB E2J 2S5

Phone: 506-640-0777

August 3, 2017


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  While riding inland away from the cooler bay air, I found myself running low on water in 30 c + heat.  An extra bottle in the back of your jersey is a good idea on longer hot day rides, that is what the pockets are for in the back of the bike jerseys.  I also found that putting a full water bottle or 2 in the freezer helps to cool things down or get an insulated water bottle.  If you are on an extra long ride a hydration pack may be helpful to keep the H2O flowing. If you are on a really long ride take some electrolytes along in a gel pack, or chews, or an electrolyte drink mix in your water bottle to replenish your salt loss through sweat. Some gels and blocks have extra sodium in them. Stay hydrated.


Rant by Paul Echols













































                  Welcome to Consolvo Bikes Saint John

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"Ride as much or as little,

 or as long or as short as you feel.
But ride."
Eddy Merckx



We will be closed on Sunday and Monday for New Brunswick Day weekend this August 6 and 7th. Bill and I and family want to go biking and the guys need a day off.


More New Brunswick Jerseys are on order.  Stay tuned for when they arrive. 


The new KHS Winslow 29ers are here Regular Price $675.00 now for only $639.00. The Radius Targa mountain bikes are only $375.00 Wow they are moving fast.  



Don't forget we rent snowshoes, cross country skis and tune and sharpen all kinds of skis and snowboards.

We sharpen skates and we offer a skate sharpening card for $25.00 for 5 sharpenings instead of 5 at the regular price of $6.00 each for $30.00.

We have a very consistent Cag 1 skate sharpening machine.






Now in stock 2017 Encore, We The People, and Radio BMX, some new Freecoaster BMX bikes in stock





We just received our new Consolvo Kits and New Brunswick Jerseys in time for spring.














We now have Felt Bikes for sale in Saint John as well as Moncton, and a new shipment of Prodigy S4, and Envy Colt Scooters have arrived so layaway one now for a grading present.




Road rides are happening every Monday night with Kevin at 6 pm weather permitting and every Wednesday night at 6:30 pm family rides in Rockwood Park are led by Kim and Jason Burry and the fast guys go with Kevin. They meet in the upper fisher lakes parking lot.

All riders need to be a member of Saint John Cycling to be covered by insurance please.


Watch our facebook site for regular weekly rides on Saturday afternoons in winter on fat bikes at 2 pm meet at different locations with Bill. Fat bikes or Plus bikes or mountain bikes welcome.


Our grand opening of Consolvo Bikes was on March 15, 2014. We have just moved our business to Parkway Mall after 17 years of business as Darlings Island Bike Shop. We are now called Consolvo Bikes. We have added Rossignol, Alpina, and One Way cross country skis and Tubbs, Little Bear, and Powderidge Crest snowshoes to our line up and just recently added Prodigy, Colt, Soul and Blitz S4 and H4 Scooters and 20" unicycles to our stock. We also just purchased a new Cag 1 Skate sharpener.

We are pleased to have the following on our staff: Bill and Becky Consolvo, Kevin Hayward, Andrew Putt, Susan Powers, Luke Tudor and Paul Echols. We are located directly across from Boston Pizza in between Wacky's flooring and Pharmasave. We sell Norco, Specialized, Felt, Louis Garneau, DeRosa, NS Bikes, Fit, Genesis, Sunday, We the People, Radio, Ridley, Kink, Fuji, and Minelli bikes.